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Measuring of Employee Engagement %
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This indicator is for measuring the % of employees that are ‘Engaged’, as determined by the ‘Employee Engagement’ organisational surveys (usually taken by organisations annually). ‘Engaged’ employees have their goals in line with the goals/and values of the organisation, and this is resembled in their attitude, work ethic and work results.
Companies may turn to third party companies to carry out this survey for their workforce, and then HR and the Leadership Team can use this to put in place strategies and practices to maximise the result.
This is a KPI for employee motivation, as motivation lays at the base of Employee Engagement.
For example, a 100% ‘Engaged Employee’ is a very highly motivated employee, that ‘loves’ their job, is always seeking for ways to improve their performance and their work is part of delivering the organisational objective.
Although the calculation of this KPI is done through Engagement surveys, in case the survey result does not provide the exact %, the following formula can be used:

Total number of employees that scored high in employee engagement*/ Total number of employees taking the survey x 100
*where high is a set value, for instance 70 +% of the total score
For example, if a company of 200 employees took the survey and all employees completed it, and 100 employees scored over 70%:
100/200 x 100 = 50%, hence 50% of the workforce is considered ‘Engaged’

KPI Units: %

KPI Time Frame: Update annually

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Here are comments:

KPI Expert A company is calculating the % of employee engagement as part of their annual employee survey.
The employee engagement survey measures any employee that scored as Satisfied and Engaged, as a highly engaged employee, and anything below that as a low score of engagement.
The company has a total of 250 employee, were 150 scored high (Satisfied and Engaged) and 100 scored low.

The Employee Engagement % is averaged as:

150/250 x 100 = 60 %

Therefore, 60% of the workforce is engaged, as a result of the survey.

Oana Boteanu | + | September 11, 2012 at 4:32 am


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